Live Line Tools

Chance are the leaders in Live Line Tools with a very extensive range.  You can view online here -  and speak with one of our friendly sales staff for any assistance or quotation needs. 







 View the detailed Chance online product catelogue by clicking here.

Grounding Equipment

View all Chance grounding equipment or speak with one of our friendly staff for assistance.



Anchors & Driving Equipment

For the past 50 years, Chance anchors have been utilising the power of digging equipment to install screw anchors.

  • Screw Anchor
  • Anchor Rod
  • Installing Wrench
  • Tough One®
  • Mid Strength
  • Expanding Rock Anchors


 Chance Anchoring

View the extensive range of Chance Anchoring or speak with one of our friendly staff for assistance or quotation needs





Expulsion Dropout Fuses

Chance™ have a range of Porcelain and Polymer Cutouts, fuselinks and sectionalizes to suit most applications



Rubber Insulating Gloves and Sleeves

CHANCE® Rubber Insulating Glovesare manufactured using an environmentally responsible Aqueous Process. Offering a full range of Insulating Gloves, Sleeves and accessories.

  • Gloves and Sleeves
  • Straps and Buttons
  • ASTM Classes 00,0,1,2,3 & 4


Chance™ Gloves and Sleeves

View the full range of Chance rubber gloves or contact us for your quotation needs and enquire on our huge stocking range, please contact one of our friendly sales team. 


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